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By Rida Abedeen The Photography club was the first photograph association in Bahrain established in 1985 in order to gather the photography practitioners in Bahrain and region, to exchange ideas and technical experiences, and to provide them a creativity atmosphere.

The photography club has efficiently participated in founding the photography cultivation in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf that the photography club has organized national photography competition in Bahrain, the exhibition of old cameras ‘PHOTO CLASIC 98, and PHTO CLASIC 99’, plus more solo and group photographic exhibitions.

The Photography club joined the International Federation of Photographic art (FIAP) in 1985 as the first Arabic member, and has appointed as continental representative in the Middle East in 1987. Finally, the photography club has participated in many international competitions, exhibitions, and conferences.
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By Rida Abedeen
By Rida Abedeen
Photograpgy Club in Lines
-The Photography Club was founded in 1985 with the encouragement of Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and Mr. Husain Ali. In the same year the Photography Club became a Full Member of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique).
- In 1986, The Photography Club has organized in Bahrain the First National Photography Competition with great success.
- In 1987, The Photography Club became the official Representative of Middle Eastern countries within FIAP.
- In 1998 and 1999, The Photography Club organized a specialized exhibition of old and antique equipment and cameras at Le Royal Meriden Hotel in Manama. This exhibition was encouraged by Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa who was the Patron of the exhibition.
- Among its range of activities The Photography Club has organized many photographic workshops in Bahrain whereby important photographers from the United Kingdom and the USA were invited to participate.
- The Photography Club, educates the photography audience in terms of professional with the fact fact that the photography has its own art and science. This education is achieved through the exhibitions, competitions and media.
By Ali Alkoofi
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Ali Khamees
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Husain Ali
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Rida Abedeen
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