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The progress of Bahrain did not come from oil and petroleum alone, but it came though civilization and cultural inherited that was passed from old civilizations along the archipelago of Bahrain. The form of the contemporary fine art has occupied a room of Bahraini culture earlier in the 20th century. The first cultural achievement for the Bahraini community was established in the 1930s by forming the house of art talents with the aim to gather the people who loved arts and literature. With the progress of Bahrain, there was a cultural void that led to forming the Bahrain Arts Society in 1983.

The Bahrain Arts Society was born on Sunday, 21st of November 1982, when 34 Bahraini artists requested the government of Bahrain to establish the ‘Bahrain Arts Society’. The objective was to create a non-profit cultural organization, which would contribute and participate in fine arts cultural progress of Bahrain, and take local artists into a new future around the world.

A temporary committee was founded to follow up the progress and who conducted their exhibition from 2nd to 8th of April 1983 to support their cause. The official approval was obtained on Thursday 12th May 1983. Two days later, the founding members had a meeting in Manama to elect the fist board committee of the Bahrain Arts Society. Elected members were Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Abbas Al Mahroos, Ali Al Mahmeed, Abdullateef Mufeez, Rashid Swar, Abdul Hameed Said, Abdul Elah Alarab.

The official support to the Bahrain Arts Society was blessed the meeting of the board members with his highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the prime minister of Bahrain, who congratulated and supported the newly founded Society. On national day in December 1983, H.H. the Prime Minister inaugurated the new premises of the Bahrain Arts Society. On this auspicious day, first art exhibition of 35 artists was organized in the new gallery of the Society.


In time, the Bahrain Arts Society was successful in creating an image and an identity for itself throughout the world and succeeded in taking the Bahraini Artists into a new era by participating in the exhibitions of fine arts and culture in Bahrain and Arabian Gulf region.






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H.H. Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the Amir of Bahrain at one of the earlier art exhibitions held at the Bahrain Art Society.









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H.H. The Prime minister of Bahrain at a historical picture while he is opening the first art exhibition at the Bahrain Art Society in 1983






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H.H. The Prime Minister at one of the art exhibition at the Bahrain Art Society






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The founder members immediately after forming The Bahrain Arts Society






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